“Ultimately this is one of the sweetest, least cynical things I’ve heard for a while. An album that asks, “Hey, are you going to Scarborough Fair? Because I’m sure going and it’d be great if you could make it.””

The Thousands

“Closing with one of the year’s best songs, Morning, this is a set bursting with originality and talent, and a charismatic singer committed to making her own way.”

The Music

“take an acid trip back in time with Prudence Rees-Lee. Her song Emmanuelle evokes a time of velvet pea coats and jabot fronted shirts, rhythmic gymnastics and the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack. A debut track backed by mystical harpsichord and a phantasmagorical strings section, with her vocals whispering sweet melodic nothings in your ear.”

Something you said

“The Renaissance flavoured track features intricate string arrangements accompanied by driving harpsichord. Despite these typical classical features, there are evident psychedelic sensibilities that seep through. The most prominent of which is Rees-Lee’s voice, which although wispy and light, is extremely melodic and suits the song to a tee. Gone are the vocal acrobatics and big-time ballad chops we hear so much today. Instead Rees-Lee treats us with her balanced and unique take on what it means to be a chanteuse.”

Adam not Eve